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Indore Institute of Law

Sports Society

  • 1. Anant Yadav, BA.LLB.5th Semester(A)
  • 2. Pritha Singh,BA.LLB, 5th Semester(B)
  • 3. Dhananjay Kushwah,BA.LLB.3rd Semester(A)
  • 4. Eshan Vijayvergiya, BBA.LLB.1st Semester
  • 5. Indrajeet Kumar, BA.LLB.1st Semester(B)


To promote Sports in Colleges and ensure the Participation of College Students in various Sports Tournament held at University, District, State, and National and International level, Indore Institute of Law has the sports society. It also organizes the inter & intra college sports events.


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