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Indore Institute of Law

Disciplinary Society

  • 1. Sushil Kumar Garg, President
  • 2. Shrajan Shekhar, Secretary- Discipline Committee
  • 3. Anuj Gupta, Secretary- Event Committee
  • 4. Shubham Gupta, Secretary- Record Keeping Committee
  • 5. Arihant Tiwari, member
  • 6. Priyanshi Chandravat, member
  • 7. Suhas Saini, member
  • 8. Pranay Jajoo, member
  • 9. Isha Manwar, member
  • 10. Nitish Tiwari, member
  • 11. Manas Bhavsar, member
  • 12. Shubham Gupta, member
  • 13. Paritosh Mandovra, member
  • 14. Chandani Somani, member
  • 15. Urvi Goyal, member


The basic objectives of the society lie behind the edge mark it creates among the students that is to maintain discipline and to regulate the conduct of students, conducting events all indoor and outdoor and maintaining the records of the same. For the above stated the entire work is bifurcated into 3 main committees that is Disciplinary Committee, Event Committee and the Record keeping committee.


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