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Internship/Placement Procedure

Recruitment Process

The Recruitment Co-ordination Committee (“RCC”) has formed the rules as stated below to facilitate the process to ensure optimal flexibility to the Recruiters. The recruitment process can be seen as a step-by-step process.

Step One: Initial Communication with the Recruiter

The RCC shall send invitations to the organizations’ along with the placement brochure and relevant information. Alternatively, an organisation may send description of potential career opportunities to

Step Two: Pre-Placement Talks

Recruiters are encouraged to conduct Pre Placement Talks (PPT) for interested students in the University giving important information such as the profile of the organization, career prospects, compensation packages, etc. These PPTs can be conducted at any time before the Pre Interview Screening.

Step Three: Pre-Interview Screening Process

Recruiters can conduct a Pre Interview Screening Process including group discussions any time before the interview day. Recruiters are free to determine their own policy for the Screening Process to shortlist students. In case the Recruiter has no particular method of Pre Interview Screening, the Curriculum Vitae of all interested students shall be forwarded to the Recruiter.

Step Four: Final Interview

The Recruiter shall formulate a Final Interview List subsequent to the completion of the Pre-Interview Screening Process and the same shall be communicated to the RCC at least 48 (forty-eight) hours prior to the interview along with the list of Waitlisted Candidates.
In case any Applicant who is selected in the Final Interview List is not available for the interview then the Recruiter can interview the Waitlisted Candidates instead, if the Recruiter considers this appropriate. In case the Recruiter has no procedure for Pre Interview Screening, the list of interested students shall automatically become the Final Interview List

Step Five: Disclosure of Offers

The results will be declared simultaneously by the RCC at the end of the day to ensure that no Recruiter is prejudiced. The Recruiters will be required to disclose the results of their Final Interviews and any Offer made to Applicant(s) only through the RCC which will be communicated in a sealed envelope.
The Recruiters will be requested to disclose a Waitlist along with the final offers. In the event of overlapping offers, the Waitlisted Candidates will become eligible for final offer from the Recruiter, if the Recruiter considers this appropriate. Every offer made by the Recruiter will be communicated solely by the RCC to the Applicant to whom such offer was made. The RCC will revert to the Recruiter within 24 hours of receiving the sealed envelope containing the Merit List and the Waitlist. At no point of time will there be any communication between the Recruiter and the Applicant(s) in relation to the Offer.


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