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Declaration & Undertaking by Student & Parents/ Guardian

I declare that all entries in this form are made by me in my own handwriting and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I accept to abide by rules and regulations of institute and promise that I will not indulge directly or indirectly in any activity which is indiscipline, illegal or violent. I declare that I have not been involved in any activity of indiscipline, misbehavior or use of unfair means in examination in the past and I have not hidden any fact regarding this act. In case I do not abide by these rules & regulations my admission from institute can be cancelled. In every case the decision of Principal/Governing Board will be final and binding on me and will be acceptable to me.

I certify that information given by my son/daughter/ward in this admission form is true and correct. I will be solely responsible of his/ her Activities and will pay attention towards his/ her progress. My son/ daughter/ ward will fulfill the minimum attendance requirement as prescribed by university rules failing which he/she will be debarred from University examination. I will be responsible for the payment of his/ her institute fees and other dues on time. I also undertake that, if my son/ daughter/ ward leave college between the course I will be liable to pay complete fees of Institute for remaining course. I also undertake that, I will not be eligible to receive any refund of payment of fees made by me to institute. I undertake that any loss/damage to the property of institute made by my son/ daughter/ ward, I shall make good cost of such damage/ loss immediately on demand of the same. I am aware of the law regarding ragging as a cognizable offence and shall abide by the punishment meted out to my ward in case he/she is found guilty of ragging.

  • 1. That we undertake that institute fees shall be paid on time else our admission shall automatically cancelled and fees deposited by us will be forfeited by institute.
  • 2. That we undertake we will abide by the rules & regulations of DAVV, Higher education and any other statutory body. Failure on this, our admission will be cancelled and we can be debarred from institute and will not be allowed to sit in university exams.
  • 3. That we undertake that caution money will not be refundable to us in any case and circumstances before completing of courses.
  • 4. That we undertake that once fees deposited will not be refundable to us in any case and circumstances.
  • 5. That we undertake we will follow the fees payment schedule of college, else we will be liable to pay late fees on same.
  • 6. All legal disputes will be subject to jurisdiction of Indore Court.
  • 7. Any change in above information shall be informed accordingly.

Cancellation Policy

For B.A. L.L.B. (Hons) / B.B.A. L.L.B (Hons) 5YDC

  • The Candidate can get refund of the deposited fees after deduction of 25% of the tootal tuition fee, only if the deposited amount is not less than 50,000/- else no amount is refundable or transferable.
  • For Cancellation written Application in person / Mail is needed to be submit Before 30th June 2018 on the following Mail-id
  • Amount of fee will not be transferable or adjusted.
  • The course fee has two components: Registration Cost and Tuition Fee.
    • The Registration Cost will not be refunded by the Institute under any circumstances. The primary objective of this stipulation is to discourage frivolous applications.
    • No claim of refund of tuition fees can be made if withdrawal from the course is made after the last date of application for Cancellation.
  • Disputes of any kind are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts in Indore only

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