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Indore Institute of Law

B.A.LL.B.(HONS.)( 5 YDC)

  • Legal Knowledge: To acquire & apply legal knowledge to the complex Socio-legal problems.
  • Professional Practice: to make students eligible to practice in Courts, Industries, Companies as legal practitioner.
  • Professional Skills: To possess professional skills required for legal practice such as Argument, Pleading, drafting, conveyancing etc.
  • Professional Ethics: To understand and apply principles of professional ethics of legal profession.
  • Legal research & legal reasoning: to develop legal research skills & legal reasoning and apply it during programme & in Legal practice.
  • Self-reflection & lifelong learning : To develop an attitude of self-reflection while learning & Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life- long learning in the broadest context of changing legal contexts.
  • Self-employability: To provide a platform of self-employability by developing professional skills in legal industry.
  • Leadership skills: To develop leadership qualities amongst students.
  • Lifelong Learning: To make awareness about Constitutional legislative & societal transformation in society & to develop clinical abilities.
  • Lawyering skills: Every graduate will become skilled in legal research, written and oral communication, teamwork, advocacy, and problem-solving.
  • Should be able to Demonstrate understanding of substantive and procedural law sufficient to enter the legal profession and professions in which legal knowledge is an advantage.
  • Should be able to associate the learning from the courses related to Law and Management.
  • Should be able to Gather and interpret relevant facts and conduct legal research.
  • Should have the capability to understand the laws at national and global level and to solve the client’s problem.
  • Should posses the skills to communicate in both oral and written forms and ability to formulate legal problems and using appropriate concepts and methods to solve them.
  • should use skills in specific areas (e.g. Criminal, industrial-organizational, clinical, counselling, social, community).
  • should analyzing social problems and understanding social dynamics.

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