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Nyay Disha

Indore Institute of Law believes in developing the research and analytical skills of the students in order to make them more introspective and aware about the upcoming laws by means of publications, especially in form of Articles. Nyaya Disha is a monthly newsletter which gives students a platform to project their opinions on the various issues of our society and also a profound understanding about the laws existing in our country. Nyaya Disha not only consists of articles by students, but also has interviews of renowned judges and advocates of High Courts and Supreme Courts, helpful for the students.

It also has a column which enumerates the students about the current happenings. There is a page solely for the events and competitions held within the institute such as Client Counseling competition, Intra-batch Parliamentary Debate, Intra-batch Moot Court Competition, etc, it also includes cultural events such Magisterium Gala, Traditional Day, Election-2k17, excursion to Leh Ladakh, International tour to Netherlands which not only promotes students in different fields but gives them a chance to explore their talent and ability in all ways.

Nyaya Disha gives chance to other students too. It incorporates the articles from students of different institutes in order to maintain the competency and diversity of the articles of the newsletter as well as to make sure that students are aware about writings from other institutes also. Nyaya Disha is a stage granted to students by Indore Institute of Law to showcase their knack in the legal profession and be exceptional in it.


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