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Indore Institute of Law has introduced 1st of its kind Global Law Program in India – B.B.A.LL.B (Hons.) with Global & Transnational Studies. A commercially focused exclusive law program providing admissions to 30 students from all over the world.

The course has been formulated in sync with the New Education Policy of the Government of India and the best education practices from around the world and the best education institutions, inculcating in it three primary principles that form the foundation of this course.

The Institute is providing students with unmatched and exclusive deliverables as part of the Global Law Program 2020

  1. 9 Professionally Acclaimed Certified Credit Courses with Industry/Institutional Association

9 specialized certified credit courses in association with Industry & Academic Organizations and 6 elective courses. The certified credit courses are in addition to the mandatory subjects provided by the Bar Council of India; these certified credit courses have been formulated based on extensive industry research that caters to the current requirement of the legal industry.

  1. Practical Application of Theoretical Learning

The immersion of theoretical learning in practical working is essential for students to develop as trained professionals. This course integrates the essentialities and brings forth an innovative approach to learning that focuses on practical aspects of lawyering & global legal practice. The course seeks to work on the inclusion of skill development.

  1. Commercially Customized Resume Building (CCRB)

An innovative structure of student training and development, the structure is based upon the building & structuring of the curriculum vitae of a student. The Resume Structuring is based on a credit model whereby based on industry input, the essential areas sought in a resume of a law graduate are graded, and based on preference grade pointers have been allocated to each area; thereby ensuring an objective and practical approach towards building of a student enrolled in the Global Legal Course during the 5 years and ensuring holistic development.

  1. Ekakul – Bringing together as one

Deriving its concept from the mythological belief of Eklavya – vouched as an example of exemplary discipleship. Bridging the distance between the students & the mentors, this portal is the linkage between tenacious disciples and expert trainers to achieve perfection in the knowledge that consists of teaching, guidance & practice.

  1. 2 International Education & Cultural Integration Exchange Programs

All expenses covered International Exchange Program with associated International Universities for the students to learn the intricacies of transnational laws and imbibe the spirit of global learning.

  1. International Internship Opportunities

An internship course is a student-focused learning experience that provides a first-hand opportunity for the student to assess and develop their professional skills during their education, to achieve holistic development during the perusal of their degree. The Institute has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with top National & International Law Firms, the internship experience of students play a pivotal role in future career perspectives and we seek to provide the best of opportunities to the students of the Global Legal Course 2020.

  1. Centre for Clinical Legal Training

The knowledge of the law and the skills of a lawyer are two separate yet interrelated aspects of becoming a holistic global advocate, the Institute has initiated a paralegal training program to inculcate practical skills in the students of the basics of becoming an advocate.


  1. Foreign Educational Tour
  2. I-PAD (After 1st
  3. Instalment at the time of admission)
  4. District Court Visit (One)
  5. High Court Visit (One)
  6. Tribunal /Consumer Court/ Labour Court Visit (One)
  7. National Education Tour to Supreme Court of India (One)
  8. Certification Program of NLU’s or Ledx Edutech Pvt Ltd.
  9. Membership of E-Library
  • Access to Manupatra
  • SCC Online
  • West Law
  • Shod Ganga
  • N List
  • International & National Journals
  • Plagiarism Software “Urkund”
  1. Membership of NSS
  2. Membership of Legal AID -Cell “Nyay Sarthi”
  3. Membership of Student Societies
  4. Membership of Research & Publication Cell
  • Access to Monthly News Letter “Nyay Dishaa”
  • The Legal Voice of India – Access to Law Journal
  • Udgam Vigyati -Access to Law & Management Journal
  1. Mentorship by Alumni of III (Guiding Lamp Series)
  2. Mentorship by Legal Experts (Knowledge Series)
  3. Special Session for Drafting Skills, Research Skills, Mooting & Memorial Making Skills & Personality Development Skill
  4. Training & Workshops by Eminent Legal Dignitaries (Lawyer ‘s Conclaves Series)
  5. Competency Development by Skill Development Cell (SDC)
  6. Career Guidance & Internships by Career Development Cell
  7. Guidance & Assistance for Higher studies & Competitive Exam by Career Development
  8. Final Placements
Global Legal Course
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