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Introducing the groundbreaking Global Law Programme at Indore Institute of Law – a pioneering initiative poised to redefine legal education in India. Designed in alignment with the progressive ethos of the New Education Policy and drawing from the finest international educational paradigms, this program encapsulates three foundational principles aimed at shaping the legal luminaries of tomorrow.

The Institute is providing students with unmatched and exclusive deliverables as part of the Global Law Program 2020

  1. Cutting-Edge Curriculum: At the heart of this program lies a meticulously crafted curriculum that blends traditional legal education with contemporary industry demands. Students are offered a unique blend of nine specialized certified credit courses, meticulously curated in collaboration with esteemed industry and academic partners. These courses, complementing the mandatory subjects prescribed by the Bar Council of India, are tailored to meet the evolving needs of the legal landscape, ensuring that graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge vital for success in a globalized legal arena.
  2.  Practical Learning Paradigm: Recognizing the imperative of bridging the gap between theory and practice, the Global Law Program adopts an immersive approach towards learning. Through hands-on experiences and real-world case studies, students are empowered to apply theoretical concepts in practical legal scenarios, fostering the development of critical lawyering skills essential for professional excellence.
  3. Commercially Customized Resume Building (CCRB): In a nod to the dynamic nature of legal careers, the program introduces a pioneering initiative – Commercially Customized Resume Building. Through a structured credit-based model, students receive tailored guidance in crafting their resumes, ensuring alignment with industry expectations and facilitating holistic professional development throughout their academic journey.
  4. Ekakul – Mentorship Redefined: Inspired by the legendary tale of Eklavya, Ekakul serves as a conduit for fostering meaningful connections between students and mentors. This innovative platform facilitates the exchange of knowledge, guidance, and practice, nurturing a culture of collaborative learning and mentorship within the legal community.
  5. Global Exposure: Embracing the ethos of global citizenship, the program offers unparalleled opportunities for international education and cultural exchange. With fully-funded exchange programs and internship opportunities at prestigious national and international law firms, students are immersed in diverse legal environments, gaining invaluable insights into transnational laws and fostering a spirit of global collaboration.
  6. Centre for Clinical Legal Training: Complementing theoretical knowledge with practical expertise, the program establishes a dedicated Centre for Clinical Legal Training. Here, students undergo comprehensive paralegal training, honing their advocacy skills and gaining firsthand experience in the practical aspects of legal practice.

In essence, the Global Law Program at Indore Institute of Law represents a paradigm shift in legal education, offering students a transformative journey towards becoming adept, globally-minded legal professionals poised to shape the future of the legal landscape.







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