About us

About us

It is often said that, "Envisioning a future different from the present and having the will to dream is all it takes to bring about significant change."

Indore Institute of Law was established in 2003 with a similar vision, aiming to promote innovation and development in legal education by imparting in-depth knowledge of the law and keeping up with the evolving demands of the legal industry. Over the years, the institute has become one of the most reputed law colleges in India.

The institution is committed to providing a top-notch global legal education to its students, with a curriculum that provides exposure to both domestic and international law practices. The institute offers various law courses, providing practical training and research opportunities to ensure that students have a well-rounded understanding of the law.


Education Excellence Award

The Most Promising Law College in M.P by Brands Academy.

Excellence in Indian Education Award

Best Brand of the Year by Actress Ms Sharmila Tagore.

Best Private Law College of M.P.

Best Private Law College of M.P. by Mr. Sandeep Patil.

NAAC A+ Grade

Scored 3.45 / 4 in its First Cycle.
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We feel very proud for our
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It is truly said that sometimes, all it takes to make the most significant change is a will to dream and to vision a future different than the present. Indore Institute of Law was established in the year 2003 with a similar vision to bring innovation & development in the field of legal education by sharing in-depth knowledge of the law and understanding the growth demands of the legal industry.





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At Indore Institute of Law, our objective is to form a community where people come together and respect the law and take an oath to use it in an honest way for the betterment of society.
Our Vision

To deliver the equal opportunity
of education

  • To be a globally reckoned Institute harmonizing the concept of “वसुधैव कुटुंबकम;
  • To yield Just & Humane Competent Legal Professionals and Responsible Citizens who inculcate the building pillars of The Constitution i.e., Justice, Equality, Fraternity, and Secularism;
  • To deliver the equal opportunity of education;
  • To create a gateway for International Advocacy to establish itself as a Global Center of Excellence for Legal Education.
Our Mission

Take an oath to use it in an honest way
for the betterment of society

  • Bridging Industry-Academia gap through Unique Teaching Pedagogy and Capability Enhancement Programs.
  • Establishment of Centers of Academic Research & Excellence to contribute to research and bring innovative & evolved perceptions of legal knowledge.
  • An ecosystem of Research & Innovation bringing academic excellence to the students.
  • Establishing a Skill Development Cell to hone advocacy skills nurturing legal professionals who contribute to society.
  • To impart globalized knowledge, skills and exposure in the field of Alternate Dispute Resolution focused to avoid denial of justice due to delay thereby nurturing compassionate & competent professionals.
Core Values

The Institute is the “stepping stone” to a
successful career for students

Value-Based Education

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all!”

The primary goal of the Indore Institute of Law is to provide Value-Based Education that instils a sense of responsibility and commitment in its students, thereby producing responsible and devoted citizens. This form of education has a multifaceted approach that cultivates human values in students, enabling them to achieve great success in their legal profession while also becoming kind and compassionate individuals who care about their community and country. The institute operates based on the principles of moral values, passion, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Contribution to the Nation

Education at the Indore Institute of Law means handing over sagacious, thoughtful, and committed individuals to the country. This is a tradition at Indore Institute of Law and this bequest to fabricate new law protectors is going on year after year. The students getting an education from the Indore Institute of Law prove to be extraordinary professionals and exemplary contributors to humanity and the nation!

Developing Remarkable Proficiency

Indore Institute of Law is a premier institute in terms of shaping careers and delivering remarkable proficiency. The Institute is the “stepping stone” to a successful career for students, which further opens up innumerable prospects of career growth and professional success for them.

Key Highlights

Educating the mind without educating
the heart is no education at all

  • Our curriculum is meticulously designed and offers complete academic excellence to law students.
  • We offer a thriving environment to our students, where they are free to interact with their peers and faculties, ensuring professional associations.
  • We provide real-life scenarios to our students that prepare them to have a feel of courts and other legal and judicial systems respectively.
  • Competitions like Moot-Court, Debates, Extempore, Legal Role Play Research Paper Presentations, and Quizzes make sure that students are learning each day.
  • The college also organizes guest lectures by eminent personalities from time to time, ensuring the students get the right exposure to the changes in the law.